Sharyn Casey and Bryce Casey welcome baby boy with heartwarming namesake

Sharyn Casey has announced the birth of her baby boy, Reuben Ammar Casey. 

The Edge radio host and her husband The Rock radio host Bryce Casey announced their new arrival on Monday morning after their son was born at 4.41am on Sunday. 

"Bryce, Tyson, Warren and I are stoked Reuben Ammar Casey has arrived into the world!" Sharyn wrote in an Instagram post sharing the news, referring to her son and dog along with her husband. 

Sharyn explained that Reuben is named after a friend of the couple who is "a positive, creative, genuine, kind, amazing force to be reckoned with". 

The baby's middle name, Ammar, comes from the family's obstetrician, Ammar Al-Abid, who has been with Sharyn and Bryce since 2016. 

"If it weren't for Ammar we wouldn't have Tyson, let alone Reuben and we are forever grateful to him we had him on journey," Sharyn wrote. 

The broadcaster went on to thank the team of health professionals that had assisted with her pregnancy, including shouting out "all the midwives and doctors at North Shore and Auckland Hospital". 

"You were total rockstars, the care you gave us in the scariest, uncertain time in our lives was amazing," she wrote. 

"Special mention to all the midwives who after my extensive stays and sudden episodes always kept me calm [and] positive, I got to have amazing convos with, and had some of the best toast of my life [with]. Your compassion, hard work and awesomeness is something that everyone needs to recognise, support and fight for, because you deserve it.

"We will be forever grateful for everyone that has and continues to help, from holding my hand whenever I was scared, answering a million questions or sneaking me extra apricot jam." 

Sharyn concluded with a message for Bryce, calling him an "amazing husband and dad". 

"I love you so much, the last month especially you have taken on so much without complaining, we are so lucky."