Spotify prompts outrage by hiding shuffle button at Adele's 'nonsense' request

Spotify has hidden a shuffle button for albums after a request from Adele following the release of her new record 30 as she insisted that a musician's "art tells a story" and tracks should be listened to "as we intended". 

"Thank you Spotify for listening," she tweeted at the streaming service, which replied: "Anything for you". 

The move, which sees the shuffle option removed from the album play button but is still available when a user clicks to view the album tracks, has prompted outrage from some music-lovers calling it "nonsense" and "pretentious". 

"This doesn't make sense to me. People who were interested in hearing the album as designed could do so. Why take away the freedom of listeners who choose to listen to your album (and every other album) the way they want?" one Twitter user asked. 

"What a pretentious thing to request. Adele has basically put this request to Spotify as they know that if she withdrew her catalogue it would be a big financial loss to them. We pay our subscription so it should be up to the customer how they want to listen to an album," wrote another. 

"You are an absolutely incredible talent and seemed like a pretty cool, 'real' chick. But this is nonsense. Take yer millions and let us do whatever we want with our scrappy £10 a month subscription," a third said. 

One tweet read simply: "Ego much?" 

Meanwhile, other fans supported the change, calling it a "brilliant idea", with one tweet dubbing it "the most rockstar moment of the 21st century". 

"Shuffle is great to mix up a playlist or library, but love this for specifically listening to an artist's album. Helps differentiate artists from single-chaser musicians that only present a collection of songs and not an artistic idea/story/journey," one tweet read. 

"I agree! An album is not just a collection of songs. Can you imagine if we shuffled movie scenes?" asked another.