TikToker goes viral claiming to be 'time traveller from 2027', says he is 'last person on earth'

TikToker goes viral claiming to be 'time traveller from 2027', says he is 'last person on earth'
Photo credit: Image - TikTok / unicosobreviviente

A man who is claiming to be a "time traveller from 2027" says he is the "last person on earth" saying his proof is deserted cities in Spain. 

A TikTok user by the name Javier who uploads videos under the username unicosobreviviente believes he is the "last person on earth".

On his profile he says that, "I am alone in the world." 

Spain was hit hard by COVID-19 where it has recorded over five million cases and 87,617 deaths because of the virus according to Worldometers. 

The country spent large periods of 2020 and 2021 in strict lockdowns, where pictures emerged of their major cities being deserted as people were forced to stay at home. 

In one of his videos captioned, "the pleasure of having the world to myself" he shows what looks like an empty resort. 

His claim of being "last person on earth" hasn't convinced many of his 6.5 million followers with some saying he is filming deserted parts or visiting areas at quiet times of day, so the TikToker has uploaded footage of a busy city junction, which is eerily deserted. 

In his latest video, he was asked to go to Camp Nou - the home of Barcelona's football team - and posted video of the empty stadium.  

In the past the TikToker has posted videos of a secret passageway in the abandoned city, and clips from a shopping area that's become a ghost town after he was challenged by a follower.

One user said, "Look closely at the dark spots in the intersection, you can see some movements. Looks like something was edited out." while another wrote, "Your hands are different on each video." 

"How can you send a TikTok from the future to the past using internet from there" asked a third user. "Does the frequency of the wave go between time and space and dimension?"