Britney Spears performs troubling skit about 'forced therapy', swears and burps at camera on Instagram

Britney Spears has channelled her feelings about years of "forced therapy" into a strange skit for Instagram where she plays both therapist and patient. 

The clip begins with the pop star portraying a mental health professional, asking a "couple of questions" and insisting "I'll do the work". 

"I'm not here to trouble you, I just want you to be completely relaxed. You just relax, I'll do the work," she says.

"I'm here to help you, key number one, so relax. Totally relax, lay down... everything's going to be fine.

"But the psychosis of what's going on in your head kind of goes into mine too, so we just need to clear these blockages... I need to do my work for you to help you succeed."

Spears then switches to the role of the patient, lying on the couch and responding in a monotone voice: "Yes, I'm feeling fine. I had a great year. I had a great day." 

The therapist character then returns with a number of questions about how the patient is eating and sleeping, asking "are you okay daily?" before the tone of the video changes abruptly. 

Spears appears to take on a new persona entirely, using a higher-pitched voice as she repeats: "Holy shit f**king balls, woah girl, f**k, wow, oh my God," before belching at the camera. 

In the caption of the video, the 'Toxic' singer said she had been forced to "pay and listen to women telling me how they are going to further my success", claiming she attended therapy "10 hours a day, seven days a week" under her conservatorship. 

"In this beautiful nation it would only be fair for me to dedicate my life to skits to the wonderful therapist! [sic]" she wrote. 

"I genuinely thank you dear sweet hearts for your efforts! The end [of the video] is me celebrating. It's clearly OVER because my medication is working 'Murica! Pssss BALLS and KISS MY MOTHER F**KING ASS! [sic]" 

Spears has been busy celebrating several life milestones in recent months - her engagement to partner Sam Asghari, the end of the restrictive conservatorship she had been under since 2008, and her 40th birthday.