COVID-19: BTS members RM and Jin test positive for coronavirus

Two more members of the septet have tested positive for COVID-19.
Two more members of the septet have tested positive for COVID-19. Photo credit: Getty Images

Two more members of the K-pop group BTS tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday (local time) following their return to South Korea from the band's first pandemic-era concerts in the US, their management company Big Hit Music said.

Rapper RM, 27, and vocalist Jin, 29, were diagnosed with COVID-19 a day after Suga, a songwriter and rapper for the seven-member group, tested positive.

All three had received second doses of a coronavirus vaccine in August, the company said.

Since their 2013 debut, BTS have spearheaded a global K-pop craze with catchy, upbeat music and dances, as well as lyrics and social campaigns aimed at empowering young people.

The concerts in the US were BTS' first in the country since 2019, when they toured across Asia, Europe and North America.

RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, and Jin, real name Kim Seok-jin, initially tested negative on returning to South Korea earlier this month.

RM, who tested positive as he prepared to leave mandatory quarantine, is showing no symptoms, Big Hit Music said.

Jin tested negative a second time as he left quarantine, but was later diagnosed after developing symptoms, which Big Hit Music said were mild.

Neither Jin or RM had any contact with other group members after their return to South Korea, the company said.