'I miss tasting that java hit': Rose Matafeo recovering from COVID, misses the taste of coffee

Getty Images / Rose Matafeo / Instagram
Rose Matafeo. Photo credit: Getty Images / Rose Matafeo / Instagram

Kiwi comedian and actress Rose Matafeo has revealed she caught COVID-19, but recovered a few weeks ago.

But the Starstruck and Funny Girls star says she's still suffering from one of the disease's most notable side effects.

"Still can't taste coffee the same after recovering from COVID weeks ago," she wrote on Instagram on Friday.

"A luckily mild symptom but goddamn I miss tasting that java hit. Has it come back for anyone yet?"

Matafeo has been partly based in the UK since 2015. The UK is currently experiencing its biggest wave of COVID-19 infections yet, thanks to the spread of the Omicron variant. 

A loss of taste or smell is one of the first symptoms many people notice when they contract the virus. Some people who catch it suffer symptoms for months after the virus has been cleared, a condition known as long COVID. 

"My taste and smell has been slowly coming back the past couple of weeks. I've been huffing scents all over to train it back. I find it helps to close your eyes when do it RATATOUILLE STYLE," she wrote, referring to the classic Pixar movie about a rat who dreams of becoming a chef. 

She also shared a screenshot from the animated film, showing a rat with his eyes close sniffing a strawberry.