Court documents show threatening texts from Lana Del Rey's female stalker in restraining order case

Court documents show threatening texts from Lana Del Rey's female stalker in restraining order case
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Lana Del Rey has been granted a temporary restraining order against a woman who the pop star claims has repeatedly trespassed at her home and sent threatening texts to her team. 

According to TMZ, Janeen Lee Stratton has been harassing Del Rey and her management, claiming to be the singer's "muse" and insisting the 'Summertime Sadness' hitmaker communicates with her via songs and dreams. 

Court documents obtained by TMZ show messages allegedly sent by Stratton - who also goes by the nickname 'America' - to one of Del Rey's staff, warning: "You don’t know who I am, but I guarantee you will soon." 

"I want to make a scene. Because guess what?! I don’t go away easy," another screenshot of a text message reads. 

Using Del Rey's own lyrics, Stratton apparently continues: "I have loved her for lifetimes…it's like smiling when the firing squad is against you." 

The messages came in response to a request from Del Rey's team to cease the attempts to meet the star "immediately". 

"She does not know you and does not wish to communicate or meet," the text to Stratton read. 

Warning that continued contact could result in legal or enforcement action against the woman, the message ended: "Thank you for respecting her privacy." 

TMZ reports that legal paperwork states Stratton allegedly jumped the fence at Del Rey's private residence last month, and was eventually apprehended by security. 

Stratton reportedly admitted to having pocket knives on her person, and said she had driven for hundreds of miles to get to Del Rey. 

The filing from the Grammy nominee states that Stratton returned to Del Rey's home on two further occasions earlier this year, causing the singer to fear for her safety. 

The temporary restraining order will mean Stratton must stay away from Del Rey in person, and cannot communicate with her. A hearing for a permanent restraining order is scheduled for later this month.