Hollie Smith concerned about 'peaceful' anti-mandate protest after bystander friend allegedly punched, death threats to Prime Minister

Hollie Smith has vented her frustration and disappointment with the ongoing anti-vaccine mandate protests taking place outside parliament in Wellington, saying a friend of hers was punched after walking past and speaking to a participant. 

The soul singer, who has been lamenting the cancellation of all her live shows as a result of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, tweeted that she was "all about protests" but didn't like "mob mentality" and questioned whether the protestors had any intention of finding a resolution. 

"There's a lot violence happening in Wellington for a 'peaceful protest'. Cops being threatened, Death threats to PM, people being assaulted, my mate was just punched while... walking past," she wrote. 

The chilling message "hang 'em high" has been written in chalk in front of the protester's camping site and many of those involved have been seen shouting and swearing at police, and telling members of the media they'll be "executed". 

Several people were arrested on Wednesday when the group attempted to breach police lines on the steps of Parliament. 

One of the protestors arrested on Thursday wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the message: "Spread the fear: Kill the non-believers."

Smith later confirmed her friend had stopped and "had words" with a protester before allegedly being punched. 

"It's quite clear they are here to make a point but it's messy and no one on the ground can answer basic questions about what they will respond to and what their intention is of finding resolve," Smith said of the movement. 

"You can't expect to engage personally with PARLIAMENT members while walking around with signs and nooses saying they want to kill Jacinda, while yelling the media should be executed." 

The 'Coming In From The Dark' hitmaker said she was reading tweets from people who said they would join the protest but instead had to work or had to get their kids to school. 

"[That's] because we've been careful and are vaxxed," she wrote. 

"And lastly, lastly. You started this 'freedom' convoy on WAITANGI DAY," she pointed out. 

"That's some f**king gaslighting." 

The award-winning singer asked her followers not to say anything "nasty" about the protestors on her Twitter thread, saying: "It's unnecessary and we don't need more yuck." 

"Be grateful, choose happiness, my mate used to say."