James Blunt offers to help NZ officials by playing his music to deter COVID protesters

  • 13/02/2022

UK singer James Blunt is weighing in on New Zealand's anti-COVID vaccine mandate protests and is hilariously offering to play his music to deter the demonstrators from Parliament's grounds.

Blunt offered to help New Zealand officials in response to a BBC article about authorities playing Barry Manilow songs on repeat in an attempt to get rid of the protesters - who are now occupying Parliament's grounds for a sixth day.

"Give me a shout if this doesn't work. @NZPolice," Blunt said on Twitter. 

It comes after House Speaker Trevor Mallard started blasting out the Barry Manilow songs as well as Unite Against COVID-19 advertisements and the Latin hit 'Macarena' on repeat. It's among many tactics officials have used to try and move the protesters from Parliament grounds, including turning the sprinklers on

Social media users were amused by Blunt's response to the protests.

"Please come for a live concert now," one Kiwi responded.

"You are the hero we need," another said. "Legend."

On Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Roberson wrote on Facebook this week's protest is being driven by "wild, false, dangerous conspiracy theories".

He said while the protesters had a right to be on Parliament's grounds, they lost that right when people started disrupting, harassing and threatening Wellingtonians.

"They have been trespassed, they need to leave," Robertson said.

"I have had so many constituents contact me over the last week distressed at what is happening to our city. School pupils [have been] spat at and harassed for wearing a mask, roads blocked delaying public transport and emergency services and businesses shut down."