Joe Rogan hires 'elite' squad of armed guards amid Spotify controversy - report

  • 24/02/2022

Joe Rogan has reportedly beefed up the security around his home amid a backlash over the content of his popular Spotify podcast, including racist slurs and COVID-19 misinformation.

The former Fear Factor host is said to have hired an elite team of armed bodyguards to provide 24-hour protection of his US$14.4 million mansion in Texas.

An unnamed source 'with knowledge of the matter' told UK tabloid The Sun the guards were hired "in case things take a turn for the worse".

"There's sometimes a dozen people a day turning up at the property to take selfies or to drop things off in his letterbox. Obviously any crazy could turn up and try anything. He's got supporters as well as enemies, it's fair to say," they said.

"It's pretty wild and he doesn't want anything to ever get out of hand, especially now after the COVID stuff.

"It's just better to be safe than be sorry."

The Sun also published a photo it says shows vehicles parked outside Rogan's house with the guards inside, but reports some are also positioned behind the front gate on the property itself.

Rogan recently apologised for the "controversial viewpoints" he's hosted on The Joe Rogan Experience, as well as his repeated use of the N-word.