Kanye West dubbed 'creepy' for stepping out with Kim Kardashian 'clone' Chaney Jones

Kanye West has caused a stir with what appears to be his latest romantic interest - influencer and businesswoman Chaney Jones - who is being dubbed a "Kim Kardashian clone". 

The drama around West's controversial behaviour amid his divorce from Kardashian doesn't appear to show any signs of abating, with the rapper being dubbed "creepy" for stepping out with a "lookalike" of his estranged wife. 

Fans and media commentators have been unable to ignore the similarities between Jones and Kardashian's looks, with TMZ claiming Jones hadn't been dressing like Kardashian until recently, based on her Instagram photos. 

"F**k I thought she was Kim. No doubt he has his type," one Twitter user commented on photos of West and Jones out to lunch together. 

"OK this shit is getting really weird," another said. 

"OMG he really is just pretending she's Kim huh?" offered a third, while a fourth tweet dubbed the situation "sad". 

"Poor guy is reeling," one comment read. "Give him grace people, heartbreaks are a bitch. He'll learn to adjust in due time. That's life unfortunately for him he's in the public eye. 

"When his anger and fear burn out he'll look back at this time in horror. Now he can't find his centre, don't be too harsh." 

West has come under fire for "harassing" and "emotionally abusing" Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson online in a series of since-deleted Instagram posts. 

On Valentine's Day, news broke that his short-lived romance with Uncut Gems star Julia Fox was over as he sent a black pickup truck filled with roses to Kardashian's house.