NZ band Dragon blasts Australia PM Scott Morrison for performing April Sun in Cuba during interview

Legendary Kiwi band Dragon says they've been "made famous again for all the wrong reasons" after Australia's Prime Minister performed a cover of their hit song 'April Sun in Cuba'.

It was sung during a sit-down interview with Australia PM Scott Morrison's wife Jenny - who has joined the campaign trail to help her husband get re-elected.

Just weeks away from Australia going to the polls, Morrison's popularity is falling and his campaign trail has been lined with the controversial history of his past for years - among them the huge backlash he faced for holidaying in Hawaii while the devastating 2019 Australia bushfires burned back home.

"I am more than sorry for if we disappointed… not if, we did disappoint," Jenny Morrison said of the Hawaii holiday during the interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

Despite the apology, a holiday souvenir - a ukulele - was dusted off for Scott Morrison to perform a dinner-time solo of 'April Sun in Cuba'.

"He had a good crack at it," said Dragon's Todd Hunter, adding he rated Morrison's performance of the song a five out of 10.

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