Radio host Nickson Clark says he's been 'roasted' for switching from Mai FM to The Edge because he's Samoan

Radio host Nickson Clark has revealed he's been "roasted" for the "past month" since he left his role as one of the hosts of the Mai FM Morning Crew to join The Edge Breakfast show. 

"I'm so confused on why people think a Samoan can't work at The Edge," he tweeted. 

"Why? Brown people can do anything." 

Clark said he was "proud to be himself" and represent his heritage on the popular nationwide radio show. 

The broadcaster told Newshub he was "saddened" to discover where exactly the backlash was coming from - and it wasn't from listeners of The Edge. 

"It saddens me that these comments have come from my own people, my own community. I'm so happy that I can be a part of a team that I truly believe represents all people of New Zealand," he said. 

"The Edge audience has been so welcoming and I'm enjoying the journey so far. My goal is to raise all voices up and to be a part of creating a very inclusive show that makes you laugh." 

After a lengthy stint on Mai FM, Clark announced early this year he would be jumping ship to The Edge. 

"Back in 2007, The Edge gave me my first shot at commercial radio," he wrote on Instagram. 

"So in some respects I've come back home. Shout out to the legends who have paved the way for me to have a turn. Can't wait to work with the very talented team on @edgebreakfast and at the @theedgenz in 2022." 

Clark's admission that he had been copping backlash for the move prompted a wave of support online from friends, fans and fellow radio announcers. 

"As frustrating as it is, tall poppy syndrome is embedded in our country's code," one Twitter user wrote. "Sad but true. Stay the course, King! If they talking bout you - you doing something right [sic]." 

"Our voices should be echoed, not siloed! Keep it up," said another. 

"You're smashing it," Edge Afternoons host Sharyn Casey replied.