Taika Waititi debuts new 'Jane' knuckle tattoo, fans speculate about meaning

Taika Waititi has shown off his new ink on Instagram but won't divulge its true meaning. 

The Kiwi filmmaker had the name 'Jane' tattooed across his knuckles, which he debuted on Instagram alongside a picture of a dog wearing a gold chain and a snap of his girlfriend Rita Ora receiving a tattoo on her thigh. 

"I don't know anyone called Jane," Waititi captioned the photos, tagging Los Angeles tattoo artist Winter Stone. 

Meanwhile, Ora showed off the delicate rose she had inked on her leg on her Instagram, writing that she had also been "blessed" by Winter Stone. 

Stone said it was "always a pleasure" to tattoo the British pop star, while adding it was an "honour" to hang out with and tattoo Waititi, who Stone called a "true artist". 

Fans immediately began to speculate about what 'Jane' could mean to Waititi, with some suggesting it must have been the name of an old pet, possibly the dog pictured in his social media post. 

Others decided the tattoo must be a reference to Jane Foster, the Marvel superhero played by Natalie Portman in Waititi's upcoming flick Thor: Love and Thunder. 

Luke Zocchi, the celebrity fitness trainer responsible for helping Chris Hemsworth achieve his Thor body, commented: "I know this story, amazing", prompting Waititi to respond: "A chosen few know the story", along with a series of laughing face emoji. 

Some commenters joked that the other set of knuckles might spell out 'Mary' to form 'Mary Jane', a colloquial term for cannabis and a literal translation of the Spanish 'marijuana'.