The Weeknd slammed for badly-timed tweet sent at exact time Russia began bombing Ukraine

The Weeknd made a social media faux pas when he unknowingly sent out several enthusiastic tweets just as news was breaking about Russia's missile assault on Ukraine. 

The singer happened to write "LET'S GOOOOOO" at almost the exact time as many online were learning about the escalation of Russia's invasion. 

The Weeknd appeared to be teasing an announcement for a project of his, having shared: "It's FINALLY HERE! It's time, TOMORROW" in a previous tweet. 

Several users shared screenshots of their Twitter feed, showing The Weeknd's poorly-time tweet sandwiched between breaking news announcements about Ukraine being under attack. 

"I mean, not the best timing," one person wrote. 

"Bro tweeted this while WW3 going on," another replied to The Weeknd's tweet, along with a crying face emoji. 

"Aye man, this is the worst time to say this," said a third, with another tweet saying: "This Ukrain't it." 

Shortly afterwards, the Weeknd acknowledged his mistake.  

"Unfortunately I'm just now seeing what's happening with the conflict and will pause on tomorrow's announcement. I pray for everyone's safety," he wrote. 

Russia invaded the eastern European country of Ukraine after earlier this week declaring two regions within it to be independent. 

Within moments of Putin announcing a 'special military operation' on Thursday, explosions were heard throughout Ukraine with missile strikes recorded against several Ukrainian bases. 

Putin bizarrely claimed he didn't want to occupy Ukraine, but demilitarise it and "de-Nazify" the nation. 

There has been an outpouring of anger and disgust at Putin's actions, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying Russia has attacked Ukraine just as Nazi Germany did during World War II.

He said Russia has "embarked on a path of evil" and Ukraine will defend itself and not give up.