Queen gets new $117k golf cart as she battles ongoing mobility issues

Queen gets new $117k golf cart as she battles ongoing mobility issues
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The Queen is riding around in a new £62,000 (NZ$117,274) golf buggy as she continues to battle stiffness in her legs.

The 95-year-old monarch received her gadget-laden golf cart two weeks ago and has already been for a spin in it around Windsor Castle.

The buggy comes with shielding so she can ride in any weather, a fridge, an infotainment screen, and more, The Sun reports.

"She's battled stiffness in her legs recently so the cart is perfect," a source says.

Days after the 70km/h cart arrived, the Queen treated her pet corgis for a ride around her private grounds.

Windsor Castle sources say the buggy was ordered to help her get around easily as she continues to struggle with mobility.

She has recently had a wheelchair-friendly lift installed at her Balmoral retreat, along with a new security gate, intercom system, and CCTV cameras. She also regularly uses a walking stick.

A Windsor Castle source told The Sun that the Queen's new golf buggy is the "perfect solution" to getting her around.

"She's been through a lot of physical battles recently with COVID and her back sprain, which would take its toll on anyone - let alone someone who turns 96 next month," they say.

Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth. Photo credit: Getty Images

The vehicle, which was built by Danish company Garia, is described as putting "many passenger cars to shame". Aside from a top speed of 70km/h, the lithium battery has a range of 80km before it needs recharging and it has four reclining leather seats. There is also a lockable boot, heated windscreen, drive mode selection, and Bluetooth speakers.

"The cart is a new addition to the castle, and they all think it's a great idea. It's certainly fit for a Queen and hopefully it will help her fulfil her engagements," the Windsor Castle source says.

"I'm sure the Queen would rather walk to events and carry on as normal, but she is struggling at the moment.

"Her mind is still razor-sharp and she has no intention of abdicating."