Royal photographer reveals why he wouldn't tour with Harry and Meghan

Royal photographer reveals why he wouldn't tour with Harry and Meghan
Photo credit: Getty Images

A photographer who has spent more than 40 years touring with the royal family has revealed why he stopped going on trips with Prince Harry after he met Meghan Markle.

Arthur Edwards, a photographer with The Sun in the United Kingdom, told's podcast I've Got News For You that he has a close relationship with the family.

But that changed when Harry and Meghan became a couple and his dislike for the media grew. Edwards says he started feeling uncomfortable around them, describing it as "miserable".

"Camilla would always say hello, Kate says hello, William, yeah, they're all very friendly and so was Harry until he met Meghan, and then he became very, very distant and he became almost, well, it was miserable," Edwards says.

"In fact in the end I didn't do Harry's tours. I didn't do Harry's tour of Australia, not with Meghan. I didn't do Harry's tour of South Africa with Meghan.

"I just find it very depressing with them. They just hated the media and it was miserable, so I ducked out of them and sort of went with Charles to New Zealand and, you know, places like that."

Harry has previously said the "toxic" British media was the reason he and Meghan left the royal family in 2020.

While they won't return as working members of the family, Harry maintains that they "never walked away".

"As far as I'm concerned, whatever decisions are made on that side, I will never walk away. I will always be contributing but my life is public service, so wherever I am in the world it is going to be the same thing."

The pair's negative relationship with the media has been shown through a string of legal action in recent years.

Last month, Harry filed a lawsuit in the British High Court against the publisher of the Daily Mail, and in December, Meghan won a court appeal with the Mail on Sunday for the publication of a private letter she sent to her father, Thomas Markle, in 2018.

In 2020, Harry and Meghan filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court against unnamed photographers after photos were taken of their then 14-month-old son Archie playing in the backyard of the home they lived in when they first moved to California.

And in 2019, Harry filed a legal claim against News UK - the owner of The Sun - and MGN - former owner of The Mirror - alleging illegal interception of his phone.