Will Smith predicted 'chaos' in eerie social media post just before smacking Chris Rock

  • 29/03/2022

In an eerie post shared just hours before he hit comedian Chris Rock in front of millions on the Oscars stage, actor Will Smith said he and his wife were ready for "chaos".

The video shows the couple dressed in their Oscars outfits initially embracing each other and staring into the camera in front of a photo shoot backdrop. 

"Good morning everyone. God let me live another day, and I am about to make it everyone's problem," sound over the video says.

The music then suddenly changes and becomes more intense as the pair begin making angry poses.

The caption predicts what's about to happen: "Me 'n @jadapinkettsmith got all dressed up to choose chaos".

The bizarre TikTok remains on Smith's account nearly a day after he rose out his seat at Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre, walked onto the stage and slapped Rock.

Smith, who would go on to win Best Actor, then returned to his seat and yelled at Rock to keep his wife's name out of his "f***ing mouth".

The King Richard actor's sudden outburst came after Rock joked about wife Jada Pinkett-Smith's bald head, suggesting she could star in a G.I Jane film. In the original 1997 film, actress Demi Moore played a character with a shaved head.

Pinkett-Smith, an actress herself, has been vocal about battling autoimmune disorder alopecia, which can cause hair loss.

When accepting the Best Actor award, Smith apologised to the Academy and his fellow nominees, but not to Rock himself.

He also tried to justify his actions by paying tribute to his character Richard Williams, who he said was a "fierce defender of his family". 

“Love will make you do crazy things,” he added.

The incident has sent shockwaves through Hollywood and caused debate internationally over whether Smith had any justification for his actions. 

The Academy held emergency talks overnight NZT and has launched a formal review into Smith's actions. Its code of conduct expressly opposes any abusive behaviour.