Britney Spears announces pregnancy, expecting baby with fiancé Sam Asghari

  • 12/04/2022

Britney Spears has announced she is pregnant and carrying her first child with fiancé Sam Asghari.

The 40-year-old 'Baby One More Time' hitmaker has two children with former husband Kevin Federline - 16-year-old Sean Preston and Jayden James, 15.

"I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip only to gain it back. I thought 'Geez, what happened to my stomach?' My husband said: 'No you're food pregnant silly!' So I got a pregnancy test, and well, I am having a baby," Spears announced via her Instagram on Monday (local time).

"Four days later I got a little more food pregnant. It's growing! If two are in there I might just loose it. I obviously won't be going out as much due to the paps getting their money shot of me like they unfortunately already have. It's hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression. 

"I have to say it is absolutely horrible. Women didn't talk about it back then, some people considered it dangerous if a woman complained like that with a baby inside her. But now women talk about it everyday. Thank Jesus we don't have to keep that pain a reserved proper secret. time I will be doing yoga every day! Spreading lots of joy and love!"

Spears' pregnancy comes just five months after her controversial, 13-year-long conservatorship came to an end in November. The court-appointed legal arrangement gave Spears' father control over her affairs, including her finances and career.

In an emotional court testimony during the legal battle to end the conservatorship, Spears told the judge she had been forbidden from having an IUD removed in order to prevent her from falling pregnant again.

Days after the conservatorship ended, Spears revealed her intention to have another baby.

Spears and Asghari announced their engagement on Instagram in September 2021.