Inside Dali multimedia exhibition coming to Auckland, Christchurch

  • 04/04/2022

A 'multi-sensory experience' using the works of surrealist painter Salvador Dali will open at Auckland's Spark Arena on May 28 and Christchurch on July 11.

The multimedia art show is heading to New Zealand after Van Gogh Alive, which had a successful run here in 2021.

Dali was a hugely influential 20th century artist before his death in 1989. There are two major museums devoted to his work, one in Catalonia, Spain and the other in Florida, US.

Promoter Live Nation says Inside Dali "combines cutting-edge technology, imagery, real objects, and illusions".

"Audiences will be given a fascinating insight into some of Dali's famous masterpieces and a full chronological trip through Dali's life in pictures; the Divine Comedy Room that will show Dali's controversial commission for Alighiere's Dante's Inferno; as well as the Mirror Room where viewers will be exposed to Dali's surrealist work in a 360-degree setting," Live Nation said.

"The immersive experience will captivate audiences of all ages with floor-to-ceiling high-resolution moving imagery of surrealist masterpieces and surround sound."

Inside Dali coming to Auckland and Christchurch.
Photo credit: Supplied/Live Nation

Inside Dali was created by Italy's C&T Crossmedia and Belgium's MB Presents.

In Auckland, it'll be held at Spark Arena, while in Christchurch the venue will be the Air Force Museum.

Tickets go on sale Friday, April 8.

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