Comedian David Walliams reacts to honest reviews from Kiwi kids about his new book

British comedian David Walliams has released a new book titled The World's Worst Pets and has been subjected to some hilariously honest reviews of it left by Kiwi kids.

The Project sent Walliams' latest release to Three Kings School for students to read and then write a review of what they thought. 

The Project asked if Walliams would like to hear the reviews. He said, "Not especially, no" - but they threw them at him anyway.

Sophia said she liked the pictures and how funny the book was but pointed out that there could be some improvements.

"I think your book could be better by adding adjectives," Sophia wrote on her handmade card. 

Talia also thought the book was funny but said: "I think your book could be better by adding more funny parts."

Walliams' reaction: "It could always be funnier."

Watch the full interview above.