Complaints made about ex-Breakfast host Kamahl Santamaria at previous employer

  • 29/05/2022
Kamahl Santamaria.
Kamahl Santamaria. Photo credit: Kamahl Santamaria / Facebook

TVNZ has refused to make any further comment after its Breakfast presenter Kamahl Santamaria resigned just 32 days after he started.

Santamaria took over from John Campbell on the morning show,  but took leave last week to deal with what the broadcaster described as a "family emergency".

He's since resigned. And on Sunday Stuff reported that a female employee at TVNZ complained about inappropriate behaviour from Santamaria.

Newshub has verified there were complaints made to senior management at his previous employer, the international news network Al Jazeera.

This afternoon TVNZ said it doesn't comment on individual employment matters.