Jono pranks Ben with Kourtney Kardashian impersonator

  • 13/05/2022

Comedians Jono and Ben have entertained Kiwis with the latest of their hilarious pranks, this time with the help of a convincing Kourtney Kardashian impersonator.

The segment aired on their breakfast radio show The Hits on Friday morning and featured Jono Pryor teaming up with US comedian and impersonator Andrea Lopez to fool Ben Boyce. 

With instructions from Jono, Andrea made the interview extremely awkward for Ben, telling him she didn't want to come to New Zealand; couldn't understand why she was on billboards in New Zealand; crying over a basic question about her partner Travis Barker; and even refusing to speak at times.

An increasingly offended and grumpy 'Kourtney' eventually barked: "You're the worst - I cannot do any more, cut it off!"

Ben started scrambling, trying to rescue the conversation by asking about some products the real Kourtney had advertised, but he started stumbling over his words as he became increasingly flustered.

Finally, Jono burst into the room and let him know it was all a prank. He still had Andrea on the video call who joined in the laughs.

"Ben, you got so flustered! I loved your interview," she told him.

She also apologised for calling him 'Brian' instead of Ben.

"To be honest, we tried to get Kourtney Kardashian. Then we scaled down to a Kourtney Kardashian impersonator," said Jono.

Jono and Ben's show is broadcast weekdays on The Hits, 6-9am.