Kerre Woodham says being thrust back into Dancing with the Stars a shock, but show must go on

Kerre Woodham says her surprise reentry into Dancing With the Stars due to another contestant testing positive for COVID-19 was a shock, but the show must go on. 

Woodham was thrust back into DWTS contention after comedian Rhys Mathewson and his dance partner Phoebe Robb tested positive for COVID-19.

This season's show is being filmed under strict health and safety protocols in line with current Government COVID-19 regulations.

BBC Studios format rules indicate that the most recently eliminated contestant is to be invited back to the show. Woodham will re-enter the competition this Sunday with her dance partner Jared Neame. 

Mathewson is the second contestant to step aside in the competition, following Eric Murray's departure on Wednesday, after he also tested positive for COVID-19. Alex Vaz and his partner Brittany Coleman will also re-enter the competition this Sunday. 

Woodham told Newshub at 8's Rebecca Wright when she heard the news she was disappointed for Mathewson and Robb.  

"They have worked so hard and Rhys, in particular, is a natural dancer." 

She says when she heard she was at work and she initially said "oh no."

It sunk in that she and Neame have to head back to rehearsals on Saturday to choreograph two new dances. 

Woodham said she never expected to win the show - she is 17 years older than the next oldest competitor - but she was there for a bit of fun and to raise money for charity.

And to add a bit colour to people's lives after the dark COVID-19 cloud we have all lived under.  

"I don't see it as competition now, with one of the best dancers out, I see it as entertaining, a bit of gorgeous light relief for people after a few years of grimness."

"It just feels like you just have to step up and make sure the show goes on. I feel like that is what we are doing. I would like to dance better and go well but we have to keep the show on the road. 

Being put back into the show at such a late stage, and with one of the favourites having to leave, Woodham has a chance to win the coveted DWTS title. 

"I have had COVID-19 so I feel that is my superpower. If they all succumb what would happen. I would be clutching the trophy. 

"It would mean whoever won would have won it for everyone otherwise COVID-19 would win and I can't have that." 



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