Pacifica The Musical to open in Auckland this year

New Zealand's love affair with musicals is about to get a whole lot more personal, with the original production of Pacifica The Musical.

It's a love story based on a catalogue of Kiwi songs, with input from big music heavyweights.

"I think the core of this musical is to showcase that us Pasifika people are not in the islands but here in Auckland," said performer Jerry Moses Roebeck.

It's a showcase that centres around a love story, beginning years before when a curse falls upon an island community after a young boy loses a taonga. 

"A boy finds out that some of his past history isn't what he thought, a significant thing for him which causes him to go on a quest and leave his love," said director Pak Peacocke.

"The musicals we have been brought up with, they're amazing but we can't relate to them. They're not telling our stories. Pacifica gives us an opportunity to tell our stories," added choreographer Hadleigh Pouesi.

Which will be told through the use of Kiwi tunes from artists like Nesian Mystik, Anika Moa, and Six60.

Pacifica The Musical to open in Auckland this year
Photo credit: Newshub.

Musical director Jacob Nansen has worked with a range of Kiwi artists and said they've influenced his creative input in the show. 

"You get to feel and see where the music started, from these writers to now on a musical Broadway show. It's amazing."

It will be brought to life with eight dancers, a live band, and 12 singers, coached by The Lion King's Nick Afoa, Teeks, and Stan Walker.

"You'll see a lot of the modern dance styles, a lot of hip hop, a lot of contemporary but also fusing that in really well with Samoan siva, Tongan movement, Māori movement," Pouesi said.

A fusion of culture, with the aim of taking it worldwide. 

"It's the proof of product to be able to take it to the international market," Peacocke said.

"We are just pouring all our hearts into this one. If it takes off, it takes off," added Nansen.

The world premiere will be at Auckland's Civic Theatre on August 19. Tickets are on sale now.