Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision with 'sympathy vote' - Piers Morgan

  • 16/05/2022

Piers Morgan has harshly criticised the Eurovision Song Contest and its winners, Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra, claiming they only won the "rigged farce" on a "sympathy vote".

The outspoken broadcaster triggered controversy by tweeting out his thoughts about the contest's results over the weekend.

Kalush Orchestra, a rap group, were crowned winners of the annual contest for their song 'Stefania', while in their home country civilians and soldiers were being killed by Russian invaders.

Morgan compared the group to a dog in his tweets.

"The world's most absurd, pointless, politically-motivated 'contest' excels itself. Ukraine could have sent one of its heroic bomb-sniffing dogs to bark the national anthem and still won," he said. 

"Happy for them, but please let's stop calling Eurovision a contest. It's a rigged farce.

"The result of an international singing 'contest' shouldn't be determined by which countries are suffering most at the time of the 'contest' or there is no point having a contest."

In another tweet to someone questioning his position, Morgan said the event could be called 'Eurovision Song Frivolity', insisting people "stop pretending it's any kind of 'contest'".

"They got the sympathy vote, which is fine so long as we drop the word 'contest' from Eurovision," the 57-year-old said in another tweet.

Kalush Orchestra frontman Oleh Psiuk explained the song 'Stefania' is a tribute to his mother, but has been re-purposed as a rallying cry for Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia.

"After it all started with the war and the hostilities, it took on additional meaning, and many people started seeing it as their mother, Ukraine, in the meaning of the country," he said.

"It has become really close to the hearts of so many people in Ukraine."

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, thousands of civilians have been killed, while over six million have left their homes as refugees for other countries.