Review: Jurassic World Dominion has a truly unfortunate script

The latest Jurassic World film Dominion stomps its way into cinemas this weekend on a mission to give Top Gun Maverick a run for its money. But is the Jurassic world best left to fossilize?

Dinosaurs have always been big at the box office which is why Hollywood keeps bringing them back from extinction. And I'm not here to argue about whether dinos are cool coz they totally are.

And as a big-screen spectacle, with these phenomenal visual effects they're as big as it gets.

But if you want some genuine storytelling glueing your megalosaurus together, you won't dig any of that up here.

Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) are living in the snowy hinterland hiding young Maisie away from the world.

Blue's out back, the raptor's had a baby raptor and man and dino are living happily together.

Not for long of course.

From here on in it's a simple case of rinse and repeat.

Awesome as it most certainly is to welcome back the Jurassic Park OGs - including the charming Sam Neill as Dr Grant - not even their old-school superpowers can save this truly unfortunate script.

The Jurassic World of ever-diminishing returns, for me this was sadly a case of just not enough blood left to pump authentic storytelling through the veins of a waning franchise.

For young dino devotees though this should be diverting enough to justify the ticket price.

Three stars