Tom Hanks explodes on camera after fan knocks wife in New York

  • 17/06/2022
The pair were swarmed on the streets of New York.
The pair were swarmed on the streets of New York. Photo credit: Screenshot / The Mirror.

Actor Tom Hanks has exploded on camera, telling fans to "back the f*** off" after one bumped into his wife while the pair were walking down a street in New York.

Hanks and wife Rita Wilson had left an eatery in New York City on Thursday (NZT) and were walking to a car when they were swarmed by fans. While it appears the pair were initially thanking fans for their appreciation, it quickly becomes clear Hanks is uncomfortable with being mobbed.

Footage shared on social media shows Wilson walking ahead and slightly to the side of her famous husband. 

A fan, trying to get Hanks' attention and not looking where he is going, walks into Wilson, who shrieks out, nearly loses her footing, and tells the fans to "stop it". 

Hanks, who is currently promoting his new film Elvis, turns to the side and tries to create distance between his wife and his fans. He places his hand near the fan's chest.

"Back the f*** off," the actor yells out before intensely staring at the man.

A bodyguard steps in, trying to get Hanks to turn around and walk to the car.

But the actor keeps going.

"Knocking over my wife?" he says to the fan.

Someone says, "they're bugging", while another person on the video can be heard saying "disgusting".

Hanks eventually walks to a vehicle waiting on the street while others yell out their apologies.

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