Heartbreak Island 2022: Meet the contestants looking for love - and drama

  • 10/08/2022

Heartbreak Island launches on ThreeNow on Thursday, August 11 and for the first time ever, it's a global race to find love.

Singles from New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the USA will be put to the test in the tropical island paradise of Fiji where they'll put it all on the line to not only find their perfect partner, but compete for $100,000 cash.

The singles hoping for success on Heartbreak Island are presented below, categorised by the country they each hails from.

New Zealand

Heartbreak Island contestant Ashleigh Williams
Ashleigh Williams says she is confident, creative, and non-conforming. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Ashleigh Williams 

  • Age: 25 
  • Occupation: Actor & Model 
  • South African / Kiwi from Auckland
  • Quote: "There are two massive reasons why you'll like me."

Confident, creative, and non-conforming, Ash is sexual and sensual - she loves being looked at. Her dating profile bio is "I'm probably too much for you" and her exes have apparently found that to be true. She likes open relationships, but finds that eventually the jealousy gets too much for boys.

Often dating dancers or actors, she says it can be too easy to get "good looking" guys - but she'd rather go home with someone who's a great conversationalist. Her ideal man is passionate, intelligent, and funny. 

Heartbreak Island contestant Milly Forbes
Milly Forbes has the same IQ as Albert Einstein. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Milly Forbes 

  • Age: 24 
  • Occupation: Criminology Student and Preschool Teacher
  • Kiwi / Māori from Auckland
  • Quote: "I only need two words - absolute weapon. Enough said." 

With the same IQ as Albert Einstein, Milly loves being mentally stimulated and having many things on the go, all whilst getting straight As. Having a terrible track record with guys, she is said to have ended up with jealous cheaters and liars but is now set on a different path.

Milly is a bit of a tomboy obsessed with the beach, surfing, camping, trips and festivals. She is looking for a tall guy with tattoos and a great jawline. 

Heartbreak Island contestant Maiata Boxer
Miata Boxer says she's loyal and driven - and not afraid of a challenge. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Maiata Boxer 

  • Age: 20 
  • Occupation: Professional Dancer / Influencer 
  • Cook Island Māori from Auckland 
  • Quote: "I am a loyal and driven individual who isn't afraid to face a challenge!" 

Maiata is from a small nation known for its friendliness and being social butterflies, but she can sometimes be a bit naive for her big social dreams. When she found out her long-term boyfriend was cheating on her with tourists back in the islands, she got her revenge by hooking up with someone insta famous.

She is hoping to mesmerise the boys on Heartbreak Island with her Cook Island dancing - so long as her man doesn't mind her going out and strutting her stuff.

Heartbreak Island contender Alexandra Carter
Alexandra Carter says she has a heart of gold. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Alexandra Carter 

  • Age: 21 
  • Occupation: Bar Manager 
  • Kiwi / Australian from Sydney, Australia 
  • Quote: "I'm a tall, bubbly blonde with a heart of gold." 

Alexandra was born in the Bay of Islands in NZ, but moved to Australia when she was six. She's lived a varied life for someone of her age - at 16 she was scouted to a modelling agency, and has also worked as a chef for celebrities.

Alexandra has dated her fair share of egotistical gym junkies but now wants a real connection that doesn't start with an Instagram DM. That connection is hopefully with a clean-shaven, very tall, big-shouldered man. 

Heartbreak Island contender Manaaki Hoepo
Manaaki Hoepo says he's vivacious, flirty and creative. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Manaaki Hoepo 

  • Age: 20 
  • Occupation: Sociology & Performing Arts Student 
  • Māori from Dunedin
  • Quote: "If you saw me last night, no you didn't." 

Vivacious, flirty, and creative, Manaaki is fluid in his sexuality, attracted to both males and females. He claims all parents love him, and he can adapt to interacting with all walks of life by just being himself.

His type is a short, light eyed, curvaceous woman, or a muscular guy with nice legs, but no matter who he ends up with needs to be a good kisser. Manaaki mostly has one night stands but hopes he'll find a connection on Heartbreak Island to break that trend.

Heartbreak Island contender Mez Tekeste
Mez Tekeste says he's got the ability to see sound waves. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Mez Tekeste 

  • Age: 29 
  • Occupation: Singer / Songwriter 
  • Ethiopian / Armenian / Kiwi from Auckland
  • Quote: "I only have two gears: forward and up." 

Mez arrived in New Zealand as a refugee at the age of six, but says his time left in New Zealand is limited due to his strong connections to the American music industry.

He claims to be incredibly intelligent, has the ability to see sound waves, speaks four languages and has charisma pouring out of him, and it's that charisma that has him punching above his weight. Women are said to love that he makes them feel safe, with Mez saying that all his relationships have ended very well. Mez is looking for a girl with attitude and intelligence.


Heartbreak Island contender Kacey Watson
Kacey Watson is fit, has ADHD and is like an energiser bunny. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Kacey Watson

  • Age: 23 
  • Occupation: Social Media Manager, Influencer & PT
  • Australian / Canadian from Perth
  • Quote: "I'm single but my core's still engaged." 

Kacey's Tinder account has apparently been banned several times because people don't think it's real. She's fit, has ADHD and is like an energiser bunny. She is said to have developed Foreign Accent Syndrome after a car accident, meaning she sometimes talks in an English accent.

Her mum followed her dad from Canada to Western Australia for love, and she's hoping to find a guy on Heartbreak Island who is willing to do the same. Her type of guy is a tall and fit bad boy with tattoos - think Jason Momoa. Being from a small town she wants to take any opportunity there is and just wants everyone to have a good time. 

Heartbreak Island contender Tiarne Butler.
Tiarne Butler says she's wholesome with a secret seductive side. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Tiarne Butler 

  • Age: 28 
  • Occupation: Hair Salon Coordinator 
  • Australian from Melbourne
  • Quote: "The girl you'll forever look for in everybody else." 

Tiarne describes herself as wholesome with a secret seductive side. She loves working out and focusing on health and fitness, and is a fun-loving chick that usually gets what she wants.

Tiarne is looking for Heartbreak Island's Channing Tatum - but not a cheating stripper like her ex - more like a Ken to her Barbie who is nurturing and non-judgmental.

Heartbreak Island contender Amber Yee
Amber says she won't try and impress people she doesn't believe are special. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Amber Yee 

  • Age: 25 
  • Occupation: Bar Manager 
  • Chinese / Fijian / Australian from Sydney
  • Quote: "I'm a pocket rocket, so let's see if you can keep up!" 

Amber describes herself as an easy going but a fiery night owl. She doesn't invest much time into dating and isn't really the type to try and impress anyone unless they're very special.

Despite giving off rock chick vibes, her musical talents are more karaoke-style. She grew up playing soccer competitively, so is more of a sporty type. Amber thinks her life is a reality show and is a lynch pin in all her friends lives - so will she find a sporty bad boy with awesome wit and charm on the island? 

Heartbreak Island contender Jake Spinner
Jake is very focused... on himself. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Jake Spinner 

  • Age: 26 
  • Occupation: Tradesman 
  • Australian from Melbourne
  • Quote: "I'm energetic and hearty, and I always make the most of life!" 

Jake is very focused... on himself. He has never really committed to anyone because he's got too many goals like kickboxing and travel to achieve first. He's very competitive and loves to date, and treats it like an excuse to try something new.

Jake see's Heartbreak Island as an opportunity most people wouldn't get, but is he in it for the love or the money? He's looking for an active woman who is on his team and wants him to win but isn't going to boss him around. 

Heartbreak Islander contender Bailey Neate
Bailey says he's a ratbag that's always down for a good time. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Bailey Neate 

  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: Plumbing Apprentice 
  • Australian from Melbourne. 
  • Quote: "I'm a bit of a ratbag that's always down for a good time." 

Bailey is described as a loveable larrikin that his friends always turn to for advice. He's a 'pretty' tradie, who has had so many sports injuries from giving it his all, that his mates call him the man of glass.

Bailey likes to go camping, considers himself a bit of a foodie, and loves playing Aussie Rules and socialising. He's looking for love on Heartbreak Island, and is looking for an older girl. He has no concerns about forming a great relationship and is ready to give it his all - even if it means backstabbing or a white lie or two. 

Heartbreak Island contender Max Batchelor
Max Batchelor apparently doesn't really have to try to impress. Photo credit: Supplied

Max Batchelor 

  • Age: 21 
  • Occupation: Football Player 
  • English from Melbourne
  • Quote: "Let's win $100,000 together!" 

Mr Batchelor is a professional soccer player and has played for the Phoenix in NZ, Cyprus, Italy, and the UK. The male version of a mean girl, he apparently doesn't really have to try to impress - he usually gets what he wants quickly, and perhaps that's why he's never really developed feelings.

Max likes the idea of causing some trouble on Heartbreak Island with his "say it like it is" attitude, and is known for telling his mates to ditch their girlfriends at the slightest sign of trouble.

UK and US

Heartbreak Island contender Kieran Hickey
Kieran says his romantic heart just hasn't had the chance to be experienced yet. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Kieran Hickey

  • Age: 24 
  • Occupation: Postman 
  • English from London, UK 
  • Quote: "This cheeky postman is ready to deliver the win!" 

This so-called 'cheeky chappy' is said to always be the leader when with the lads. He has dated plenty of women, but his romantic heart just hasn't had the chance to be experienced yet.

Kieran says he happily approaches women himself, is not the slightest bit shy, and doesn't tend to say no if he is ever propositioned. He's been single for the past year and wants to find 'the one' on Heartbreak Island.

Heartbreak Island contender Shamar Sinegal
Shamar says he spends a lot of time minding his business. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Shamar Sinegal 

  • Age: 21 
  • Occupation: Chiropractic Student & Security Guard
  • American from Texas
  • Quote: "I spend a lot of time chasing the bag and minding my business." 

Shamar's last relationship ended because he was putting more energy into TikTok than his girlfriend, but with 150k followers, who can blame him? He can't remember the last time he went on a date, but he says his work as a security guard has him always meeting women so he's definitely not short of attention.

Heartbreak Island contender Chris Burgoon
Chris says he is mostly a relationship guy, using Hinge for the wife search but Bumble for the hook-ups. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Chris Burgoon 

  • Age: 25 
  • Occupation: Real Estate Professional 
  • American from Ohio
  • Quote: "I'm striving not to be normal." 

At first glance, Chris may look like the quintessential all-American guy. Hailing from Alabama, he works in real estate and likes keeping fit. A big fan of Survivor, he thinks Heartbreak Island is his chance to do well in challenges but add some dating in the mix too.

He's mostly a relationship guy, using Hinge for the wife search but Bumble for the hook-ups. He says his ex was perfect but very shy, so he's looking for someone more outgoing on the island.

Heartbreak Island contender Holly Barnes
Holly has a loud infectious laugh. Photo credit: Warner Bros Discovery

Holly Barnes 

  • Age: 20 
  • Occupation: Media Manager & Stylist 
  • American from Los Angeles
  • Quote: "I'm a bit of a wanderer, so hit me with your best travelling tips!" 

With a loud infectious laugh, Holly is a larger than life individual and considers herself to be mature beyond her years. She's moved to a new country every two or three years, loves fashion, writing, clubbing, and dating.

She dates a lot - at least one new guy a week. She is proud of her curves and is looking for a tall, tattooed guy with facial hair.


Heartbreak Island airs two new episodes every Thursday on ThreeNow.