Queen and Prince Charles to snub 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death: report

Diana, Charles and the Queen.
It's reported the Royal family will largely ignore the 25th anniversary of Diana's death in August. Photo credit: Getty Images

The Royal Family has no plans to formally commemorate the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death on August 31, according to a report.

The Daily Beast's royal correspondent Tom Sykes says it's "unlikely" the Queen will publicly acknowledge the anniversary and Prince Charles will stay quiet on the day too.

"Charles can't win," the American news website reported.

"Not saying anything makes him look unfeeling, but if he did say anything he would be accused of being a hypocrite. He’ll do what he always does and lie low."

Meanwhile, a playwright believes the royal family "simply do not want any more focus on Diana".

"The reason there will be nothing said or done to mark the anniversary of her death is the same reason that there is almost nothing in London to mark her life," Jon Conway, writer of the play Truth, Lies and Diana, told the Beast.

"It’s quite surreal when you consider she is one of the three most significant royal figures of the last 200 years: you have Queen Victoria, you have Elizabeth II, and you have Diana. 

"The establishment simply do not want any more focus on Diana," Conway said.

"This is a woman who did untold good in her life, and whatever difficulties she caused for the family, it is unthinkable to not commemorate her."

Sykes added he believed William and Harry are expected to "issue, at minimum, online tributes" to their mother.