Review: Bullet Train is dumbest enjoyable film you'll see this year

The boarding call has been made for Brad Pitt fans - his latest action flick Bullet Train has just pulled into the station. But Is it worth the ride?

Brad Pitt, you just gotta love him. He can go from winning an Oscar in Tarantino's last movie to headlining this: one of the dumbest movies you'll see and probably still enjoy this year.

So yep, all aboard the Bullet Train.

Pitt is Ladybug, a hapless criminal for hire who ends up with far more than he bargained for on Japan's bullet train packed with a bunch of contract killers with a veritable potpourri of agendas.

There's a lot of aimless sometimes quite funny chit chat, there's a lot of aimless sometimes quite funny fights.

There are some attempts at intrigue, the now requisite random A-list cameos, and some genuine comedy from Pitt, mostly.

R16 on account of the stabbing, shooting, poisoning and blood and stuff - and well there you have it.

Bullet Train. Three stars.