'Never met the Duchess at all': Lion King's only South African star denies meeting Meghan Markle

Meghan and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle's in trouble for comments she made about a South African actor. Photo credit: Getty Images

Meghan Markle is in trouble yet again for claims she recently made about South Africa celebrating her marriage with Prince Harry.

The only South African cast member of the Lion King's live action remake says he "never met the Duchess at all" despite her claiming from he'd told her there'd been rejoicing on the streets when she married Prince Harry.

The comments came as part of a wide-ranging interview with The Cut magazine, in which Markle said the scale of rejoicing was similar to the scenes when Nelson Mandela was freed from jail after 27 years.

"He said, 'I just need you to know: When you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets the same we did when Mandela was freed from prison,'" she told The Cut.

However, Dr John Kani - who voiced Rafiki in the movie - told the Daily Mail: "I have never met Meghan Markle. This seems like something of a faux pas by her.

"I have never met the Duchess at all. I am the only South African member of the cast, and I did not attend the premiere in London."

Kani said her comments may have been a "mis-remembering on her side".

"In my memory, nobody would have known when she got married, when or what. We had no South African link to the wedding or to her marrying Harry," he said.

"I am truly surprised by this. For me it is a non-event, the whole thing.

"I really wouldn't want to call it an insult. It must be a faux pas. There is something Meghan is mixing up with."

Zwelivelile 'Madla' Mandela, the grandson of the activist, has already spoken out about her somewhat controversial comments.

He said the two events could not be compared and the release of his grandfather was far more important than her marriage "to a white prince".