Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori: Clint Randell on his te reo journey

  • 16/09/2022
Here is Clint Randell's te reo journey.
Here is Clint Randell's te reo journey. Photo credit: Supplied.


My experience with te reo Māori has always been like a friend that I don't see as often as I'd like but whenever we catch up we have a great time and I wonder why we don't hang out more often.

Being 1/32nd Māori on my Mum's side was always something I figured not really enough worth mentioning to many. 

But as I grew up and become more intrigued with the language I found myself enrolled in te reo Māori courses as an adult, and I hosted a Māori language TV game show called "Mind Your Language" so we did hang out from time to time, and when we did, it was always fun. 

It was through these experiences that the people I met and perceived as "proper Māori" reminded me that it doesn't matter who has more Māori blood than who, we all share common ancestors and you are Māori whether you're 1/2 Māori or 1/64th!

Te reo is something we as New Zealanders should embrace, it's unique to us as a country and defines us from others. 

The best comment given to me from a "proper" Māori when I apologised for my mispronunciation was: "Bro we just appreciate the effort in you giving it a go."

Clint Randell hosts Three's The Masked Singer NZ.