Dame Valerie Adams reveals why now is the right time for a film about her life

For 25 years, we've all watched Dame Valerie Adams smashing it. 

The new documentary More Than Gold examines her amazing career, and it's proof 15 gold medals over 25 years have not come easy. Physically it's hard work, but there's also the pain of leaving family for months at a time.

The film, which opens on Thursday, is chock full of determination, guts and ambition, but ultimately it's about family and love. 

When Adams joined The Project on Tuesday night, she said now felt like the right time to allow her story to be told on the big screen.

"What a better way to tell your story than on the big screen because that's where society is right now, watching screens all the time," Adams said. "It was a great opportunity to share my story, out of the horse's mouth, authentically, and being transparent to the rest of New Zealand."

Just watching the trailer alone, anyone can see the doco won't just be a highlight reel of the biggest moments of her career. This is a personal film about a powerful woman.

"It's about life, it's about all the hardships and challenges I've been through," Adams told The Project. "Facing things like IVF and relationship issues. It's actually a great opportunity to share that story because life is not what it all seems to be through the lens of the media. This is very open, raw, and pretty honest."

More Than Gold opens on October 20 in theatres