Meet Cam Orr the Kiwi one-man animation studio

Hidden away in a 50s-era brick house in an undisclosed Auckland suburb you will find Cam Orr, the one-man animation studio.

Orr's YouTube series Joh and Dish follows the adventures of twins Joh and Dish, who aspire to be heroes in their small town but consistently face rejection.

The series was inspired by his imagination and shows he watched as a kid.

"I started this when I was just a tiny kid, to be honest, I remember not just seeing cartoons on TV but Wallace and Gromit and that kind of stuff. And saying, these are real things that are moving and then I kind of figured out the process myself," Orr told Newshub.

The series is created using only clay and computers and Orr does it all himself.

"I wrote it, I animated it all, I designed all the characters, I sculpted them, I did all the voices for all the characters. I guess sometimes I'll get my friends to voice some of the little characters too."

It's driven by a love of the process and a desire to make an animation that seven-year-old Orr would approve of.

"It’s like a little ghost boy cracking a gun. Hurry up and finish it. You're only up to number two."

But it's such a satisfying process for me.

"I guess for a long time I was trying to do the whole yo pro career thing and trying to get into studios and advertising companies. I was doing pretty good with that. I just hit this point where I was just like, 'This is great and all, but I really just want to be able to make my own things'." 

The series, which is on Orr's YouTube channel, has amassed a small but loyal following.

"I had heaps of really nice comments from not just people I know but strangers all over the world."

Despite the challenges of working independently, Orr is proud of what he has accomplished and looks forward to continuing to grow his series.