Author Joy Cowley releases two more books despite losing most of her sight

Fifty-five years since her first book was published, author Joy Cowley has released two more - at the age of 86.

Despite losing almost all of her sight, Cowley is as prolific as ever. And she's still bringing smiles to children's faces.

For decades, Joy Cowley's lived up to her name - giving joy to generations of Kiwi children.

"Oh fun. I get fun out of writing for children," she told Newshub.

Many who grew up reading her stories now read those same books to kids of their own. But Cowley's career is far from finished. In fact she's just released two more at the age of 86 - and losing her eyesight.

Cowley is 90 percent blind, and had to write in very large font.

"I wrote it in 69-point print and went over and over it because I cannot see clearly," she said.

Her latest children's book is already a hit.

"It was funny that he ate the... he ate everyone's Christmas dinner, didn't he?" one child said. "So they couldn't have it."

And while she's known for children's fiction, Cowley also writes for adults. Her latest pays tribute to her husband Terry who passed away in September but lives on in the book.

"The man is definitely my husband Terry - gentle, kind and caring for other people," she said.

"The book is about life - it's about life and love."

Cowley's love for life - and writing - shows no signs of slowing down.

"There's a feeling of energy that comes back and comes back and it's almost electric. It wants to do something," she said - adding there will be another book.

New Zealand's octogenarian author, still bringing joy with every page.