Full interview: Dai Henwood shares cancer battle details with The Project's Jacqui Brown

In this interview with Jaquie Brown of The Project, comedian Dai Henwood has opened up about being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

The star of shows including Family Feud, 7 Days and Dai's Houseparty revealed he was diagnosed in 2020 and has undergone extensive treatment since including fourteen rounds of chemotherapy, high-dose radiation, three lung surgeries and having parts of his liver and bowel removed.

But after the cancer spread to his lungs and lymph nodes, his oncologist told him the cancer was incurable.

However, Henwood chose to deal with that by making a conscious decision not to suffer or deem it unfair.

"Cancer doesn't define me. How I respond to it defines me," he told Brown.

Watch the full interview.