Jimmy Carr says 'cracking' Christopher Luxon's head open is 'solution' to New Zealand's egg shortage

UK comedian Jimmy Carr believes he's got the answer to New Zealand's egg shortage problem - and it's most likely a solution no one else has thought of.

Aotearoa's egg shortage follows a ban on battery cages, which came into effect on January 1. Stocks have been so low that eggs were unavailable in some supermarkets around the country.

Appearing on The Project on Monday night, Carr, who is nearing the end of his nationwide tour here, offered his solution to the problem and offered to "crack open" National Party leader Christopher Luxon's head.

"I think I've got the solution. Christopher Luxon. We crack his head open, plenty to go around," he said.

"Christopher Luxon is New Zealand's Humpty Dumpty. That's the way I see it. We don't need him til November, he'll grow back." 

Watch Jimmy Carr on The Project above.