Jimmy Kimmel mocks Prince Harry and his frozen penis in children's book sketch

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has ridiculed Prince Harry just days after the Duke of Sussex appeared on his show promoting his memoir Spare.

Kimmel began by congratulating the Duke on sales of his book, before saying: "The story of Prince Harold and his frozen yoghurt slinger is so popular they're now releasing a version for kids, a twist on The Princess and the Pea."

To roars from the audience, Kimmel brought out a copy of the made-up book and began to read to the audience.

"At the chilly North Pole, a silly young codger took a walk in the snow, and froze his wee todger," said Kimmel.

"The skin was discoloured, all purple and white. When Harry peered down, 'twas a terrible fright.

"Oh mummy, oh mummy! He cried with a scream, and from then on up high, she appeared with some cream."

The picture book then showed an image of what appeared to be Diana on a cloud.

"My poor little prince put this cream on your willy, it will lessen the ache and make it less chilly," she said.

Kimmel's latest skit mocks passages in Spare where Harry revealed he'd suffered from frostbite while at the North Pole on a trip.

In the book, he recounts telling his father about his injuries at a dinner on the eve of William's wedding.

"My father showed interest and sympathised with me when I mentioned that my ears and cheeks had burned due to the cold. I struggled to contain myself to not talk too much and tell him that my penis had also been affected..."