NZ Weather: Concertgoers furious Sir Elton John concert cancelled at last minute as deluge hits Auckland

Concertgoers at Sir Elton John's farewell concert at Mt Smart Stadium are furious after it was cancelled at the last minute due to heavy rain and flooding.

Auckland has been hit by heavy rain on Friday, which has seen hundreds of evacuations as roads and houses become flooded.

The concert was cancelled because "it's far too dangerous", a spokesperson said.

Auckland Transport (AT) said on Twitter it is redirecting special event buses to get people home from Mt Smart Stadium.
One concertgoer said there are lots of wet and unhappy people making their way out of the venue.

Concertgoer Leonie Marsh told Newshub "that's f***ing crap. We've driven up from Tauranga to be here."

She added: "[I] Paid 600 bucks to be in the second row."

Another concertgoer told Newshub, "I think they left it way too late, we had seats on the stadium floor and it's flooded."

Another person said "it's very disappointing" and added the decision should've been made on Friday morning.

"It's highly unorganised. Elton needs to pack up and go back to England where he came from," he said.

Another frustrated concertgoer told Newshub, "this is b******t, it should've been cancelled this morning".

Newshub contacted the concert's promoter Frontier Touring on Friday morning to ask if the concert would potentially be postponed or cancelled because of the dire forecast.

The promoter said the event would go ahead "rain or shine". She then said "dangerous winds" could cause cancellation but wouldn't elaborate when asked what would meet that threshold saying she doesn't work for MetService.

Soaked concertgoers can be seen streaming out of the stadium as the rain continues to lash the city.

The cancellation comes after Auckland Transport came under fire for cancelling train services to Penrose Station and recommending concertgoers walk or drive to the venue.

AT said in a statement on Thursday that the Penrose train station will be closed on Friday due to the current stage of the Rail Network Rebuild and no trains will be running on Saturday.

"To take advantage of the generally low passenger numbers over the long weekend, Auckland's rail network will be closed, meaning no trains will be running, on Saturday," said AT.

AT added on its Facebook page: "Heading to see Elton John? Plan your journey in advance and travel early if you can. Driving to the concert is recommended, but if you can't there are public transport options included in your concert ticket."

The megastar is scheduled to play at Mt Smart Stadium again on Saturday evening.