Kanye West may be denied entry into Australia following antisemitic comments

There are calls in Australia to ban Kanye West from entering the country.

The freshly divorced and even more recently re-married rapper wants to travel to Melbourne in the coming days to meet his new in-laws. 

West has just married Australian woman Bianca Censori and people have said it was very typical of him because of his reputation for unpredictable and often shocking behaviour.

In an interview, West said, "I do certain things from a feeling. I just channel the energy, it just feels right."

But it's the rapper's recent antisemitic comments that have prompted calls for Australia's government to cancel West's visa. 

West's antisemitic comments have included denying the Holocaust ever happened.

This caused Adidas to drop him as a partner and he was banned from Twitter and Instagram.

"Australia shouldn't put out a welcome mat to an unrepentant antisemitic and a hate preacher who has threatened death against the Jewish people," Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich told 7News.

Australia's opposition leader Peter Dutton agreed.

"My inclination would be not to allow him in. His antisemitic comments are disgraceful, his conduct and behaviour is appalling and he's not a person of good character," Dutton told local media.

West's trip is to meet his new in-laws in Melbourne.

Some fans still want him to visit. One person told Newshub "he's a good rapper" and another said "he can do a concert for us."

Other people want West and his hateful comments to stay home.