Stephen Colbert jokes about Jacinda Ardern running for US president in 2024 after resigning as NZ PM

US TV host and comedian Stephen Colbert has spoken about how saddened he is by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's resignation.

Ardern stepped down on Thursday (NZ time), telling the nation she has given it her all but doesn't have "enough in the tank" for another term. She will leave the top job by February 7. 

On Friday (NZ time), Colbert began his show by talking to his audience about Ardern's decision and jokingly asked his audience who will pick him up from Auckland Airport now that she isn't the Prime Minister.

Colbert also joked about how she was "selfish" for wanting to spend time with her family and thought it was amusing she stood down because she felt it was the right thing to do.

"Please rest up because we need you to come to America to run in 2024," Colbert said on his show.

He also said he was looking forward to her wedding with TV personality Clarke Gayford and said "you two have found your flower girl".

Colbert then said "you're the only world leader that I am friends with", and that he doesn't want to hang with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because he smelt like "poutine".

Ardern has been on the show several times, including after the school shooting in Texas which killed more than 20 people at Robb Elementary in 2022.

The talk show host has visited Ardern in New Zealand as well. He even had a barbeque with her and singer Lorde when he visited.