Jeremy Corbett pranked by Paul Rudd with infamous Mac and Me clip

The Project NZ host Jeremy Corbett has fallen victim to one of Paul Rudd's longest-running pranks.

During an interview about his upcoming Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Rudd managed to pull the wool over Corbett's eyes.

In 2004, during an appearance on US talk show Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Rudd said he'd brought an exclusive clip from the Friends finale for the host and the audience to watch.

However, in a twist, Rudd played a clip from 1988 sci-fi family movie Mac and Me during which a boy in a runaway wheelchair goes off a cliff and into a lake as a surprised-looking alien watches on.

Since its first outing in 2004, the clip has become legendary and synonymous with Rudd's chat show appearances with O'Brien whenever he's promoting any upcoming work.

Corbett mentioned the gag to Rudd, saying: "You're famous for your prank on Conan where you would play a clip from the film Mac and Me instead of the clip you were supposed to be promoting."

Moments later, Corbett appeared stunned as he was informed Rudd had brought an exclusive clip of the new Ant-Man film ahead of its release in Aotearoa on Thursday.

However, Rudd left him speechless when he showed the same clip of Mac and Me that he had fooled O'Brien with for many years.

Watch The Project video above.