Juicy Fest Tauranga fans left fuming as they await refunds for cancelled January show

Juicy Fest graphic promising refunds.
Juicy Fest fans are still waiting for refunds from the canned Tauranga show. Photo credit: Juicy Fest- Facebook

Frustrated fans who bought tickets to the Tauranga show of the Juicy Fest tour say they have not yet received refunds for the event which was cancelled due to bad weather in January.

The concert was scheduled to take place on January 6, but on that morning organisers cancelled it amid "increasing safety concerns" caused by the wild weather hitting Aotearoa.

At the time, they said all tickets would be fully refunded through "an automatic process that will happen within the next 14 days".

However, six weeks later some customers claim they have yet to receive any refunds, while others say they have had the money deposited in their banks only to have it taken back out again, leaving them overdrawn.

A Juicy Fest 2023 - Refunds Issues Facebook group has been set up with over 1000 members sharing their woes.

It's believed some 15,000 people had been due to attend the show in January, with tickets costing $193.28 for general admission, $316.28 for VIP tickets and $1033.78 for platinum VIP entry.

It's currently unknown exactly how many are still awaiting refunds and how many had got their money back.

At the time of writing, Juicy Fest organisers have yet to respond to Newshub's request for comment on the refund situation..

On January 19, organisers posted on the official Juicy Fest Facebook page they were "working with our ticketing vendor" to sort the full refunds.

"All Tauranga customers will get full refunds. We're working with our ticketing vendor as we speak on logistics to streamline this process. Bear with us as we're still on tour in Perth, but this is a high priority for us to process all refunds within 14 business days."

After this post, there had been no further social media messages about refunds, despite angry fans swamping every subsequent post with questions over refunds and when they'd be received. 

The Juicy Fest tour moved to Australia on January 20 with shows in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

In the Juicy Fest refunds group, a person posted a screenshot showing they'd had $635.92 deposited back in their account on February 12.

But another said they'd had the money taken back out.

"What the hell is going on with my bank account? One minute it's there and then gone - anyone else?" they said.

One contacted Newshub to say they're particularly frustrated by the lack of any response from either Juicy Fest organisers or Ticketspace, which handled the show sales.

"Some like myself who have been reaching out and emailing to get a follow up with no response. Patrons were promised refunds on two separate dates with many still outstanding," they told Newshub.

However, there are Tauranga Juicy Fest attendees who say they have received refunds, the majority of which appear to have taken place in the past few days.

"Kia ora we got our full refunds including fees into Kiwibank account all cleared yesterday," one posted on Thursday.

Newshub has also contacted Consumer NZ for comment.