Married at First Sight Australia's Dan Hunjas facing legal action for spoiling show

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Married at First Sight Australia groom Dan Hunjas is in trouble for spoiling his storyline. Photo credit: Instagram

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the current season of Married at First Sight Australia.

Australian broadcaster Channel Nine has served Married at First Sight Australia groom Dan Hunjas with legal papers after he spoiled his storyline on the reality show by going public with a new girlfriend.

Hunjas married Sandy Jawanda in the latest season of the show, but he's already revealed their coupling didn't last.

And to make matters worse, Hunjas has confirmed on social media he's already dating another woman, who was seen making an eye-popping appearance during his on screen nuptials.

A source told the Daily Mail Hunjas' actions were seen "as a threat to the ratings of the show" and he was served with legal papers ordering him to "stay away" from his new love, nurse and influencer Samantha Symes.

"Channel Nine has a reputation to uphold, and they're not going to let anyone ruin the series, they can't have a repeat of season seven," the source was reported as saying.

"Dan has gone too far, and now he's facing the consequences."

The seventh season of the series saw toxic relationships developing, with Hayley Vernon cheating on her husband Dave Cannon and Cannon cleaning the toilet with her toothbrush in revenge. Another bride also went AWOL after the first ceremony.

The Daily Mail reported Dan was "cooperating with Channel Nine and has promised to stay away from Samantha".

It is believed the pair started dating after the relationship "fizzled out".

Jawanda was hailed as a "trailblazer" by Hunjas after the pair married.

"I may come across as a strong, fearless woman, but growing up as a first generation Indian in the '90s has been challenging," Jawanda said in her vows.

"Being different, accepting myself for who I am, conforming to and meeting the expectations of my parents and the community while finding my identity as an Australian woman.

"I've learned that a life lived in fear is a life half-lived. I'm done with just dipping my toes in. I'm putting my complete trust in the process and jumping in with both feet."

A guest at the wedding has claimed Hunjas "went rogue" after seeing his edit on the show, which they said made him out to be a quiet office-based man.

They told the Daily Mail the opposite was the truth and Hunjas was semi-retired and spent most of his time at the beach, which his new wife reportedly was allergic to.

Married at First Sight airs in New Zealand on Three and ThreeNow.