Melissa Chan-Green used to threaten her sisters if they got their spelling wrong

AM host Melissa Chan-Green has revealed she would threaten her three sisters if they spelt a word incorrectly.

Speaking to Guy Montgomery, who was on the morning show to talk about his comedy spelling series Guy Montgomery's Guy Mont-Spelling-Bee (Thursdays at 7.30pm on Three), she made the shocking confession when asked if she was a good speller.

"When I was younger, I've got three younger sisters and I used to line them up against the wall and we'd have a spelling competition," Chan-Green said. 

"If they got a word wrong, I threw a water balloon at them.

"They still had a chance to dodge it.

"That could be an element you could introduce [into the show]."

"Wow. Physically threatening the contestants on TV - I think that's a really good incentive," said Montgomery.

Watch the video above.