Patrick Gower enters the metaverse with PlayStation VR2, attempts to take selfie in virtual world

Patrick Gower has immersed himself in the new PlayStation VR2 technology and declared it a winner, saying he was "in so deep, I don't wanna come out."

During a session with the VR2 unit and various games, Gower was initially lukewarm on the promise made by the new technology.

"OK I'm bored," he said while playing Tetris Effect: Connected.

However, in a virtual kayak simulator, Gower really found his feet. Exploring the waters of Antarctica in the game, he spotted fish, bashed virtual ice and even tried to take a selfie, seemingly forgetting where he was.

"Wow, this is actually amazing, this is better than I ever thought it would be," Gower said of the Kayak VR: Mirage game.

And in the big launch title for the VR2 headset, Horizon: Call of the Mountain - a spinoff of the Horizon: Zero Dawn series - Gower found himself immersed in the world of mechanical dinosaurs, climbing and surviving.

"That was not a game - that was the future," he said at the end of the session.

Watch the video from the Project above.