Ryan Bridge reveals he needed counselling before coming out

AM host Ryan Bridge has revealed he went to see a counsellor before he came out as gay to family and friends, which he thought would have a devastating effect on his life.

Speaking on the Full Disclosure with Karen O'Leary podcast, a new series which details coming out tales from Aotearoa, Bridge said it had been difficult to deal with by himself.

"For a long time I just thought that my whole life would end when this came out," he said.

"I went to a counsellor before I came out to try and work myself up to it - I need to rip this band aid off."

Alongside Bridge, the podcast series also features the likes of Tom Sainsbury, Ali Mau, Grant Robertson, Eli Mathewson and Cassie Roma all took part in the hopes of inspiring others.

But Bridge said just recording the podcast caused him anxiety.

He told O'Leary he was "very nervous when I went into your studio to record this, I was actually shaking before this, I was a bit sweaty - did you notice?"

"No, I just noticed you were an incredibly tall person and a good-looking man," O'Leary replied.

Watch the video from AM above. The Full Disclosure with Karen O'Leary podcast is available on all of the major podcasting apps.