System of a Down rocker Serj Tankian launches multi-sensory paintings exhibition

System of a Down rocker Serj Tankian has launched a new art exhibition with a difference - you get to hear the paintings while you appreciate them.

The 'Chop Suey' singer has put together a series of multi-sensory paintings which are now on display in Auckland before heading to Wellington.

His solo art exhibition, currently on display at Suite Gallery in Central Auckland, is titled 'Kiwi in Pangea'.

Tankian composed music that complements each piece of artwork on display and can be accessed by scanning the paintings using a free app called Arlooopa.

An Armenian born in Lebanon but raised in the US, he now lives between LA and New Zealand.

Tankian said the art "basically talks about both the connection that New Zealand has to the world and the disconnect that we have as this beautiful island".

He added he's "always seen paintings as non-static images" and it is inspired by his own activism.

The exhibition moves to Wellington on Friday.