Chris Brown breaks up couple after on-stage lap dance

  • 23/03/2023

Controversial singer Chris Brown is back in the spotlight again after giving a woman a lap dance on stage which then led to her relationship ending. 

In what is now a signature part on his Under The Influence Tour, Brown brought a fan on stage and performed a seductive lap dance while singing hit song, 'Take You Down'. 

The fan's not-so-lucky boyfriend was in the crowd watching in horror as the incident unfolded and shared his outrage on social media, revealing the pair had split up after the concert. 

He shared a video of it online which shows his then-ex-girlfriend dancing along with Brown and running her hands down the singer as he writhed on top of her. 

"I want my £500 and my girlfriend back", the angry man called Dash said on the video which has gone viral on TikTok.

Viewers of the video were shocked, telling the man to "Break up with her right now she knows better". 

"As somebody with a boyfriend I would never do this to him even if it was my favourite artist," another said.

After posting the video, the boyfriend revealed the pair had since split up.

Dash wrote: 'Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I'm no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn't think what she did was wrong.' 

Many fans have taken to social media envious of the girls Brown pulls on stage and hoping they too will be lucky enough to get their shot with the singer. 

One Twitter user shared: "One day I'll be as lucky as the girls Chris Brown brings on stage."

"This is my third dream of dancing with Chris Brown on stage," another commented.

This isn't the first time Chris Brown's on-stage lap dances have caused controversy with the singer recently under fire after he grabbed the neck of former Love Island star Natalia Zoppa during his Manchester show. 

Many were quick to call out the singer who has a history of domestic violence saying holding the woman by her neck for a prolonged period of time was inappropriate given his past. In 2009, his then-girlfriend Rihanna was hospitalised after she was beaten by Brown. He was charged with felony assault in March 2009.

Fans said the performance was "disturbing and hideous" and commented on how the Love Island star looked visibly uncomfortable. 

One wrote: 'This is so disturbing. A man with a history of DV, sitting a fan on stage, grabbing her around the neck then thrusting in her face.

'She may be a Love Island star but she doesn't look comfortable with it. Why do women pay to go and watch him?' Another said. 

However, Zoppa responded to the concerns by saying she "loved every minute of it".

She told fans that she had seen previous performances and knew the routine so was happy to participate

Nonetheless, other viewers have been vocal in their disgust, with many stating they would never let the star touch them like that after his history. 

"Why would you want Chris Brown of all people putting his hands on your throat after what he did to Rihanna". 

"This takes a very brave individual because there is no way as a woman I'm letting Chris Brown put his hands near my neck" another said.

Brown has not responded to any of the comments online.